Well, I guess this is goodbye.

Nothing much to say other than thank you for the good times I had over the almost 6 years I played. Today was most likely the last match I ever played, as I finally realized how I am not having fun in this game. Over the last ~2 years I have played less and less SR and ranked, my last drops of enjoyment coming from ARAMs with the occasional SR that I ended up being mad over regardless if I played poorly or if I played the best I ever did, today not being an exception. I will probably never get the enjoyment I had in season 4 back. I guess the game is not for me anymore. Most of us can pinpoint the reasons why a lot of the community are mad and many long time players quit for those reasons, a lot of them(me included) being very vocal about it too, because they care about the game. But I can't be bothered to blame anyone or anything anymore really. Probably my last day visiting these boards too. It's just easier on my mental health just let it go. I'll miss the game, I really loved it. Thank you.
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