Unfair Bans

Could someone direct me to a link with conditions of banning? My little brother and I are new and have been loving the game but because we are new a lot of players are being very nasty towards us. (Don't get me wrong there have been some amazing helpful players too). Two days ago my little brother was bullied so bad he didn't want to play anymore. The next day I was paired with the same players and straight away they started again. Waited until the last second of champ banning and banned my champ then made fun of me saying their hamster did it. When the game started I didn't feel comfortable enough to play so I tried to quit the game. I was threatened with a ban so I stayed and made no effort to play. They reported me and I was banned for 14 days yet their bullying went unpunished. It was the first game I ever didn't play properly and now I can't access my account and my season pass is going to waste. If someone could show me a link with rules that state first time going AFK is a two week ban yet abusive playing must need many reports before it is noticed?
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