ADCs and Unbalance in the Game

I just played a game as Kai'sa against a botlane duo of Nasus and Nami. I was 5/0 against them with the Nasus dying 4 times. I also had about a 30 cs lead on him. By 14 min he was able to straight up 1v2 me and Rakan in botlane. He was dealing a third of my health per Q. He just inted the entire game, ended at like 14/20, and just took towers by himself, 1v2ed our team that went to stop him, and meanwhile their team took Baron. I ended the game 13/2/11 with 300 cs, and I had no impact whatsoever during the late game. I would deal damage, and everyone would just heal or it would barely stratch them. How is this fair or balanced? Why does everything instantly oneshot ADC's? This game isn't even enjoyable anymore, and until there is some type of overhaul of damage and balance, I'm done. Thanks for the headaches, Riot{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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