New ORG, looking for diamond+ players of all roles. NA ONLY

Hi! I'm Amiable from EVO, let me tell you a little about us: Were looking to create a fun an interactive, and non toxic experience for mid-high elo players. We provide coaching, scrim partners, buyins, and more. Our Name is: Evolution Esports. SHORT VERSION: We create super op teams and then give you all the tools to win! All you need to do is a few things, 1 make sure you're diamond+ 2 make sure you have discord 3 add me(IGN: EVO Amiable) OR click this link if you chose to add me, then feel free to ask for the link or ask questions, if you chose to click the link read announcements or feel free to ask any of the owners questions! WERE ACCEPTING ALL ROLES. Were a new org like i stated prior, so were looking to create lots of power houses! So if any of you would be so kind as to stop by, and try out for us and let us give you a chance to kick butt, then please do so! we hope to see you there! <3
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