New League Buff Idea [ The Magenta Buff ] RIOT READ PLEASE

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Dear Riot i think there should be a new buff in the game and it should be called the Magenta Buff [ Because of the colors Blue and Red mixed together is Magenta. How do i picture this buff you may ask well i have the perfect design, The Magenta Buff will be a Tall Tree and it will Spawn at the location in the photo i have circled on the league of legends map, It will be a Tree with arms as branches [ Tree cannot move ] it will spawn at start and do nothing until a team gets a dragon kill. The Magenta buff on whichever team gets the dragon kill it activates on there side of the map granting the minions a special ability for a short duration of time as they walk past the buff [ Magenta Buff Will Not attack you and cannot be attacked its simply for upgrading minions for a short period of time ] Earth Drake- Grants Minions higher damage to turrets a small increase [ If you kill 2 of the same dragons the second time the damage is increased even more and so fourth depending on how many earth dragon kills you have. Fire Drake- Grants Minions higher attack damage to enemy minions [ If multiple fire drakes are killed the minions damage slightly increases ] Water Drake- Grants Minions 10 extra heath [ Per water drake kill the minions heaths increases by 10 ] Air Drake- Grants Minions a slight speed boost [ Killing multiple air drakes does not increase minions speed any faster then the first air drake killed the speed remains the same as if you killed the first air drake for a short duration of a time ] Elder Drake- Grants super minions a shield Baron Buff- Grants 1 extra super minion with a shield for the next spawning wave only with the ability of how many ever stacks of drakes you have killed in game that minion will have only those ability's. Rift Harold- Any minions near rift Harold will be granted a slight attack boost for 5 seconds. [ ONLY TOP AND BOTTOM LANE ARE EFFECTED BY THIS BUFF ] Does this sound like a great idea leave your comments below and please make sure to up-vote to get Riots Attention
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