I think we can all agree season 9 was the worst season to ever exist

I have played this game for a little more than 3 years,joining in 2016,in the dark times of dynamic queue.My veteran friends used to talk about how league has gotten horrible over this implementation that time.And to be honest with you,being a relatively new player,I didn't thought it was that bad,until season 8 came along.It felt as If suddenly this game lost its personality,runes reforged,mobility creep,mediocre but still able to climb matchmaking.Hell,even the client got worse.But season 9,season 9 felt like all the flaws of the previous seasons somehow merged into one and this was the result.The matchmaking was(and still is) extremely bad. Agency was almost non existent,skill irrelevant(unless you are smurfing and ruining other people matches).It felt as If every game was decided about who gets trolls,inters,grievers and afkers.Not macro,not strategy and certainly not being good enough to climb.Nowadays,people are losing their minds in ranked.Giving up over the slightest mistake,typing ff 15 in the chat,and playing on autopilot.And I know why they are like this,because you shoved so much damage into the game that every match is decided in the first 10 minutes,with comeback being nearly impossible,especially when you have to solo carry the team. The client is a disaster,literally,for a game that is 10 years old it's outright crazy how they didn't manage to fix it by now.Crashing before I get in the game,forcing me to close it in the task manager or shutting the computer off,not opening and extreme fps drops. I miss the old client so much,and certainly the old league even more.I don't know what riot is doing with their game,but if there's a direction,it's certainly pointing downwards with the items they added in preseason such as sanguine blade.I hope that someday(if it won't be too late),Riot will fix this game and make it enjoyable for all players. EDIT:Format
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