Dark souls 3 so far (spoilers)

I am obsessed with this game. That is all. This game is just a lore nuke, a gameplay nuke, a difficulty nuke all in a freaking rocket. Anyway I am just going to go on how the game went for me. Starting off, you make your own character and I "coincidentally" named mine Varus and no I didn't start with a bow. I would say the two favorites of mine would be Pyromancer (I will explain later) and knight if you like the traditional combat. Picking a class will depend on what scaling you want (there will be a lot of scaling in this game for weapons) and the weapons and gear they have. After fighting through some stupidly easy enemies for a dark souls game, you come across Gundyr, who you must kill to get passed so you BETTER git gud. I like the fight in general until the second phase, because of this games faulty targetting system, I cannot make out what the giant.... thing... is doing, either way, every attack it does makes the giant thing a hitbox... In fact, this version of Gundyr is very very weak to pyromancy fireballs in the beginning of the game... for some reason... I learned from experience on my second profile. Next you go to firelink shrine with your generic levelling system npc, shopkeeper, and smithy, that's pretty much about it. Then you go to Lothric which is nothing but utter chaos, undead, wolves, that freaking dragon on the roof. After meeting with this person inside a church... castle.. idek... you go down to the main gates after obtaining the banner and fight Vordt, a beastman from the boreal valley who sprints at mach 5 in the second phase. Now for the undead settlement which is the area speaking "Do you even bleed." Then there is a big tree called the curse rotted greatwood which you could kill, I mean its a lame boss so... do what you do. Then you most likely would meet Siegward who may be the best npc in this game, which he helps you take down a demon and etc. Moving on by going down the elevator, there is an Irithyll outrider who is EXTREMELY insane to kill, but you can just sprint past it and open the door because opening doors = immortality and light the bonfire there. Moving on through a field of bird people and crabs... a lot of crabs... there is two paths you can take, go to another line of bosses or go straight to the lord of cinder but I prefer the first option so you don't have to do backtracking to proceed further in the game. You run up hills and find the Crystal Sage, who has a stupidly huge hat and is just like pinwheel from the first game, except he has health. Up later in a giant freaking church, you find the deacons of the deep which is just a boring boss that I could care less about if he didn't drop an item that passes a barrier later on. Now back to the main questline, you go through a cliche swamp with non stop poison, eventually you make it up to the abyss watchers and kill them. Now for skeleton area... filled with skeletons, skeleton swordsmen, skeleballs, skeleton wheels, etc. Then touch a freakin goblet and congratulations, you tried grabbing a pyromancy book and you just realized you got SPOOKED. Kill hi- I mean his bracelets... and win the super easy boss fight. Then prepare yourself for the best view in all gaming histor- OH FREAKING ALLIGATOR DOGS ON THE BRIDGE. Nevermind, you use the doll you got from the deacons to get passed the barrier. Now from here there is two lords of cinder you can reach, Yhorm in the prison would be easier to do first. After going through an insane prison area filled with lamps for some reason, you meet up with Yhorm, and if he was still alive... SIEGWARD! This honestly is an emotional boss this way, just saying. The only way to kill Yhorm is using the storm attack from the Storm Razor weapon in his boss room, Siegward has his own as well. Afterwards, final toasts with Siegward then he just disappears with his armor... Somewhere out there is a naked Siegward. Now going through Irithyll, you come across Pontiff Sonuvagun... I somehow soloed him on my first attempt... yea, I killed it on my first attempt... and not deacons... the heck... Anyway, you move on to (nostalgia bomb) Anor Londo. The giant is dead first off, r.i.p smithy giant. And inside where you used to fight Ornstein and Smough, you find Aldrich who is possessing Gwyndolin... Kill him, if you want to check out the area upstairs, no, Gwynevere isn't there... in fact she has never really appeared personally in the series at all yet, all we saw from her in the first game is an illusion. Anyway after beating both Yhorm and Aldrich, you are teleported back to the person who gave you the banner in Lothric castle, where they die, give you a bowl, then you fight the dancer, who is just Vordt's thicc cousin. Now for more side quests, you come across Oceiros, who was a former king somewhere in lothric, who went mad and turned himself into a dragon, oh, and he also has an invisible baby for some reason. After slaying him, you get a gesture that allows you to go to archdragon peak where you fight a plunge attack simulator. After said plunging, you move up higher through the temple and reach the lever for the giant bell, ring it, and you come across the nameless king, Gwyn's firstborn who sided with dragons.... or giant fire breathing birds for this case. Killing him very hard, mainly for the second phase fairly, but in the first phase its just because of this game's faulty targetting system, half the time I cannot tell what is going on... Anyway you can find Ornstein's armor after killing the nameless king and BACK to the main storyline. After going around in lothric castle, you encounter the dragonslayer armor, and you just reck him, move on, he is very easy if you have the irithyll straightsword. Go up the massive archives, get the elevator to work, then you should proceed to Lorian and lothric, the final lords of cinder... They're easy, that's all you must know, just be careful of the teleporting and keep an eye on lothric's magic. Anyway, all the lords of cinder are on their thrones, they transfer their embers to you, and now you move on to another nostalgia bomb, Kiln of the first flame. You see the soul of cinder at the center of a field of ash and now you gotta kill it. Halfway through the fight, the three notes.... THE THREE FREAKIN NOTES... Yep, he becomes gwyn is the second phase. After the finale, you link the fire, and you know how that always goes in a dark souls game... I will be doing the experiences of ashes of ariandel and the ringed city once I complete them. I just wanted to cover the main game as quickly as possible. Hope you enjoyed this stupidly long summary. Also, screw those angel things in the ringed city... my god I hate them and their freaking lasers.
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