As a female, I feel more personally attacked by Daniel Klein.

Aside from my previous posts making fun of this matter, I read a post earlier regarding that a female went to pax, only to leave because of the special privilege females were being handed. I can say, I would do the same, I would leave. You cannot try to solve a manner regarding gender by discriminating the other, that is counter-intuitive. You cannot make comments on Reddit, being the face of Riot games, and belittle the male gender and accuse them of being rapists. You cannot insult the male gender, calling them "overgrown toddlers", and state that it's your way of bringing equality and fairness. The reason I am personally offended however, is the fact that he honestly believes that to "bring equality", even though it's equal as it is, is to make guys wait till 2:30, who could've possibly flew a thousand miles, paid money, etc. I wasn't even there, and I feel horrible, and I can't even imagine how the other girls must've felt being there, knowing that the guys had to wait. He even used the analogy of "sitting in the back of the bus", a fucking racism joke to try to get his point across. Like, are you kidding me? I will personally say sorry for him for this sadistic behavior for anyone that this guy offended, made feel bad, or anything that is non-constructive, since he's too stubborn to do so. I'm also sorry for any guy that attended the Pax, just to receive terrible service like this. You all honestly deserve a refund.
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