Fuck people who abuse the chat system.

You act like you're going to make a player quit the game because you told them they sucked, but in a more bibliographic way. I can assure you, you bitching at your mid lane the entire game isn't going to miraculously make them turn into a 1v9. If anything, it's going to make them play worse. If you give that much of a rats ass about the game, how about you hold your comments to yourself. When you fuck up at work, you wouldn't want your boss to tell you how much of a piece of shit you are and that you're nothing but a familiar to the company. Ah, but I see where you degenerates are coming from. "It's the internet, grow some thick skin". This doesn't nullify the fact that it's still the same fucking language being spoke, verbally or not. How about **YOU** grow some thick skin and stop being a dipshit. You being an ass over the internet proves to me that you type of people are more insecure about your self worth than the person who did badly in a game. It's like the saying, the first man to get mad first loses. Be the gentleman.
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