Riots banning agenda is a big joke

**TL;DR I'm mad that people get banned over dumb shit they say and not for inting. ** Riot has shown me over and over again their incompetence in handling toxic behaviour in the league community. Times when a player is actively trying to ruin a game they receive no punishment what so ever while sending a few toxic messages in chat will get you banned instantly. I have never been banned but many of my friends feel this injustice in their bones. I don't understand how a few words on the internet sent by a person you don't even know can affect you in any way. I feel like having a thick skin is something everyone should have if they have been on the internet for a prolonged time. You are gonna get shit wherever you go and league won't be any different any time soon. And even if you can't handle some trash talk you can always mute toxic players. Why is banning someone who said "kys" more important than banning people who actually go out and ruin games. I don't think I've ever gotten the instant feedback message after reporting someone who is trolling and I feel like this is not right. Yes telling someone to kill themselves is not a good thing, but why should you care if some asshat bitch tells you to kill yourself over the internet. I was inspired to write this post since one of friends just got banned without a warning or a prior chatban on his account over one game where he sent like 10 messages. I doubt that this is going to change anything but I just wanted to vent my anger somewhere.
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