Being an ADC is miserable

I recently started playing ADC again {{champion:145}} to be specific and I think you know the reasons why (since immobile adcs are just free gold for anyone that has high damage and good mobility) and after some games games I somehow got reminded why I stopped playing adc in the first place and moved top during my time here as a new player. {{champion:51}} was the first ADC I chose and I enjoyed playing her but assassins just ruined the fun of playing ADC I main {{champion:555}} and I gotta be honest ADCs are my favorite targets especially the old ones like {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:110}} or everyone below 2500 health since your just too fast and can deal tons of damage in less than 3 seconds or if fed delete their health bar and they are too slow to do anything about you appearing out of nowwhere and turning turning screen grey But if you get fed or ahead it feels good to chunk the enemy health in a few auto-attacks but its an assasins job to kill everyone thats a threat especially the ADCs not here asking for nerfs or complaining just sharing my experiences and yes I got a taste of my own medicine. A Pyke just crushed me in lane as an adc and made me feel dead in the inside for a moment... multiple times
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