A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)

Hello! A group of four and I are working on a new game to replicate League of Legends. Think of it like H1Z1's King of the Kill being replaced by Player's Unknown, then being replaced by Fortnite. We want to make the game cater towards people who want to outplay their opponent with skill rather than insta-killing. We expect to be releasing it in about two-three years. There will be 25 champions (5 per each role) starting out and we'll add more later down the road. We got a bit annoyed of Riot's balancing decisions these past few years, so we're making a remake of League with better balancing and a role for everyone. You wanna be a tank? You're actually gonna soak damage and not deal as much. You wanna be an assassin? You'll be able to assassinate 1-2 people in a team fight if you play it strategically. You want to be a mage? Then your going to deal huge damage but you'll need to land skill shots. We already made all 25 champions, their skills, and their lore. We have also made the lore map layout, in-game map layout, and are in process of making the game engine as we speak. Hopefully this will make a refreshing game for those who feel left behind by Riot with their past balancing decisions. If you have any questions, please ask :) Regards, _Klupl_
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