Ex left me because "I play too much video games"

First of all, I don't play League of Legends. I practice it. I live it. I breathe it. It's not a "game", it's a professional E-sport. I intend on being the very best, like no one ever was. That's like telling her brother that he just "plays ball" when she used to drag me to her brother's high school football games. If his games matter more than mine does, I don't think you understand how the real world works here. Second of all, this is my passion. I dropped everything to start my life as a professional gaming athlete. I dropped out of college, I quit my day job, I sold everything that I had not-League of Legends related. This is a dream, I don't understand why anyone would shame me for chasing a dream. Did we shame Martin Luther King Jr. for having a dream? Third, yeah I know my health and hygiene have been on the decline, but have some goddamn faith in me woman. At least I'm using paper plates and eating lean hot pockets so you don't have to worry about dishes anymore. Hell, I even take out the trash too. But oh, that's never been enough for you. I'm aiming for the LCS by the end of next year. An LCS contract would have set us both up for life. Veronica, you keep talking about how I need to be realistic but I climbed to Gold 5 before. If I can make it to gold 5 I could easily make it to diamond and beyond within just a matter of months. The difference between Gold player and Challenger player is very slight. Hell, most of the time it's just finding the right duo so that you don't get feeding monkeys on your team. I was so heartbroken when you left me, but now that I think about it you were only holding me back. You'll be watching my games in the pub while waiting tables sweetie while I'm sipping White Monsters out of a champagne glasses from my yacht.
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