Venting out on boards does nothing. Boards doesnt even matter.

Why still complain about the game in boards if nothing is gonna change, and riot wont even look? What does that say about you? This game has gotten so individualized by the damage meta that teams no longer form. Yeah you can super win if you work as a team, stick together and capture objectives ect. But be honest, how much do you see that happen? The answer from most of you would be no. "Tone the damage down, getting oneshotted isn't fun" (said this 10,000 times on boards) Does that really do anything? No, it just agrivates you even more. You should just accept that riot wont change back to its strategy slow-paced game it once was, and stop wasting your time on a forum that they created to vacuum the bad posts from sites like twitter and redit ect. P.S - The boards is prob 10% or less of the community currently playing, nothing is gonna change until it gets real bad, so your stuck in this uncomfortable meta for the rest of your days.
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