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Hello everyone! My name is EyeClown, and I've been playing this game since the end of 2015. I remember being a bit overwhelmed when starting, as there is a lot more to this game than meets the eye. I wanted to make a friendly place for newer players to ask questions about the champions, items, runes, monsters, skins, etc. to more experienced players, who know their way around. It's a friendly, judgement-free place, and I hope that through the free-flow of knowledge, new players can learn their potential and try new things on the rift. I will try and make a discord chatplace where people can discuss the game within the next 2 weeks (I got tests and whatnot coming up). In the meantime, feel free to come in and say hi! PLEASE NOTE: I'm not an official RIOT employee (the kind fellows who make this game), so don't post your personal or account information on this board, and don't PM those to me either. FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS: Let's show the fresh-puppers our best colors, and do everything we can to help. If you can't answer a question, try and redirect them to someone who can. RIOT employees are welcomed and encouraged to post here too. FOR PARENTS, GUARDIANS, or OTHER NON-PLAYERS: If you have questions about the game your child is playing, this is a good place to be. I know letting your kid play a game you might not understand can be scary, and that's OK! I totally get it. I will try and explain anything you are curious about here. If you don't have an account and can't post, you can email your questions to me here: Again, don't give out personal information about people or accounts. I do NOT work for the company that makes this game; i'm just a friendly neighbor who can serve as an "outside source" for information. In the emails, you can call me either "EyeClown" or "Alex". Happy posting!
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