My username is claimed to be inappropriate after a couple of years using it

Greetings, I had some "very enlightening" discussion with Riot Games Player Support about my name suddenly being "inappropriate" after all this time. And in my opinion their actions in this matter are slightly questionable (and yes I know, it is their game they can do "what they want", but hypocrisy is still hypocrisy). The things they do and the things they force on us are conflicting pretty badly. Here is our little chat: And yes, I know that the two first messages of me where quite douche like, but I was just so annoyed by this whole thing. Third player supporter was actually giving me a decent answer, instead of acting arrogantly, so I decided to follow his/her advice and bring this on Boards (even though I have a feeling about what is going to happen in here). The most of the things I wanted to say are mainly covered in the third picture (my "manifest"), so main reason I'm writing this down is that everyone can read it. I doubt this makes a difference in one way or another, but a person can always hope for a brighter days.
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