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****ā€‹I don't understand whether or not the LP gains for the new season are implemented yet, but it's not it my dude. literally. I have played about 25ish games already and it is actually terrible. The LP gains/losses are broken. The matching system is also terrible(Great concept with the selective ranking system) the way it is set up. It's not rewarding in anyway, you get matched with elo's where you are placed this season who are that rank last season. So if you place Gold 4 last season and you get placed silver 3/4 this season, other's who are in their placements who were previously silver are put in games with you and handicap your gains because of the individual role and ranked concept. So you're in games with players who are low elo and less skill with even less rewards. For example, I play my most predominant role and I'm already placed at Silver 3 and previous Gold 5, I will get put in games with other Silver 5, Silver 4, and Silver 3 Season 8 who play at lower level on both sides and are still in placements so if they feed it's harder to carry. They are prone to more feeding of course but the point is because I'm placed in their elo and matched with them cause of placements that are still guaranteed to place those previous silvers in bronze i get LP gain reduction and massive LP loss in games. I gain anywhere between 12-19Lp in games where my KDA's are amazing and i get S-, S, and S+ but if i lose a game I'll lose 24-30LP because of that. So in reality I have to win roughly 3 games in a row and then I'll still lose 80% of it in one game. I think the placement should be one division down of projected when it comes to matching them with already placed players. Also the bug I think it the lie of 32-48LP shown in the ranking system video that you guys posted, it's not reasonable and false advertisement. That's all other than the ridiculous matching is terrible, but great concept. The Ranked rewards are kind of a joke, an emote for 500LP to flash something next to useless. and also the fact that sometimes even the rank matching for games isn't right, like I'll get placed vs a Season 8 Silver 4 and I don't make it easy due to the skill gap. Thanks for reading(if you did) I appreciate it P.S. I'm not complaining about ridiculous the non existence of huge LP gains just that it's not a well rewarding system. ****
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