Everyone in this community is either Toxic or Whiny and its disheartening

After playing league for about 2-3 years now (since mid-season 7) and not having 1 single complaint about balance, I see so many players just saying "Welp, this loss is Rito's fault" or "Wow, billion dollar company can't even balance Riven" or whatever the case may be. Everyone is so hellbent on making this game sound so broken and busted, where I've never noticed any of it. I've seen champions get shutdown just as often as I've seen them rampage (besides champions like Mao'Kai or Ivern, but thats cause they're utility), and there is no exception to that. Everyone demands nerf's and buffs instead of getting used to it and learning how to play around it. As for Toxicity, do I even need to provide examples? Like, everyone is so quick to flame someone for doing bad, or so quick to say in all chat to report someone, and they know well that they will get a chat restriction, but don't care because its just for a few matches, or they have a smurf or something. It's like this game just brings out the worst in people and its saddening.
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