NightBlue3 Drama -> endgame topic by the anivia otp

Anyone who saw me knows i LOVE to argue, and we can always expect to have the final note when i'm involved. Disclaimer : I'm not working for riot , i'm not in contact with them more than anyone here. Many of you are pissed that he can just tell his riot friend to get him banned... what's the matter ? it's no different from you making a ticket and sending it. the only difference is that this will be addressed faster as they have a more direct contact with them. if that dude is banned , it's mostly because his behavior WAS toxic (according to riot standards, you can play off meta , but within the meta, so you can change what lane you play what champion, but forget about changing the team composition , that's it trolling for them #singed support +smite) i think what piss you off is that he can go directly tell rioters and you cannot and you felt like it was double standard. but they just punish what ever come to their knowledge. that's all they do, and YES popular YouTube channels and streams have more visibility and therefore are more likely to get spotted first. that's just how things are. there is neither corruption, nor double standard needed for this to happen just basic understanding of what does "not caught = not punished" means HOWEVER Yes he went afk, yes that is punishable, Harassment... i'm not so sure. Is he a psycho ? probably did nubrac deserve a ban ? probably not. Does that means riot is corrupted ? no Does that means nb3 should get permabanned by the "inquisitive behavior" ? no Will riot apologize to nubrac for banning his account ? no compensation ? 0 If these were two dudes that story would go unknown, But nb3 is a streamer, and riot may have acted a little TOO fast.
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