I hate that I keep coming back.

TL;DR - This is another QQ thread, and like everyone else, I will come back to the game next week. It gets really old, getting so frustrated with this toxic AF community to the point that I uninstall, but of course, this game itself is too fun, community aside. I love being able to outplay and outsmart other players in this game but I absolutely HATE how toxic people are here, yet I can't stay away. My last game is a good example of my problem with this community: As early as champ select, we get a Morg who is being toxic AF and making all kinds of racial slurs among other verbal attacks. This Morg was queued as Supp. She was afk the first 5 min of the game, then she decided to come feed my top lane, screwing me over as well as screwing over the ADC Xayah in bot lane. Naturally Xayah is b++++ing and moaning to everyone on the team because the supp and jungler were both refusing to help her, then she starts verbally attacking me because I ended up losing both my towers as a result of Morg feeding my top lane so hard that I was unable to defend it. Xayah goes so far as to tell me I'm pathetic and that I should kill myself. THEN we get our Ryze in mid lane to start being toxic, telling people to "Shut the f+++ up" and calling us all "worthless fa+++ts". He even took it so far as to use his ult to teleport me into the enemy group to get me killed, then of course, commented about how I'm supposedly just so bad. After all of this, I mention to the other team how my team8s are being so toxic, but then they too, start in with the verbal attacks. After all of this, I somehow get made out to be the bad guy..... when the only thing I did wrong as far as I'm concerned was staying online and TRYING to play this fricken game like Riot expects us to, because if we leave to avoid dealing with the BS, we get action taken against us. I'm just so tired of how roughly 75% of my matches are like this and I have to sit here and deal with it, or get a ban for leaving.... Now, I know what some of you will say... "Just mute them" but that's the problem, this is a team oriented game that basically REQUIRES communication to play effectively. On top of that, muting players only stops the verbal attacks, but does nothing to prevent people from running down your lane and feeding your opponent, and it sure as hell won't stop Ryze, Anivia, etc champs from trolling the f+++ out of you. I'd say that I'm quitting but we all know better than that. I'll end up coming back as many others have..... so....... See you later in the Rift! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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