I've never posted on the boards before but i would like to note how disappointed i am. I had some blip playing a ranked game just now. It disconnected me and the game was bugged and kept having errors. I had to reboot my computer to get it to work and got back in. I missed a portion of the game. We were winning when i had the issues and were losing when i came back. We won a few minutes later with me back. I LOST 19 LP for it. I guess this is because i got disconnected which was literally a game error that kept me from not getting back within 30 seconds because i had to reboot. Why would it not just give me 0 lp if i can't get the fully game benefit? Why a full -19 lp? in fact i've never lost 19 lp from a game before. It's usually 16-18. I am a 37 year old player who only plays for fun. I play ranked to minimize the toxicity and afk's. I'm just disappointed that there's no system in place to give a fair lp there. I was support (i main that on the account) and still had more cs, more damage, more kills, more vision score than several players. This literally encourages me in the future if this happens to do something toxic in the game because im' going to lose the lp anyways. It doesn't encourage teamplay and only punishes me for something out of my control. I get people may afk from games mad but my account has never done that nor ever had this loss before after years of play. It makes no sense and is very disappointing. I almost have the account into plat but now need 2 wins to make up for agame i won just to break even. Just amazed that my there is no leeway on an account that the game can literally log and see has never disconnected and not returned to a game. Everyone has an internet issue occasionally. It's not a large loss in the grand scheme of things but very frustrating for someone who works really hard to be able to get 1 or maybe 2 ranked games in for some fun.
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