Riot's at it again! Blatant over the top sexualized champion! Sylas the Magic of Hunky Studs

I don't see anyone complaining about the new shirtless, ripped male champion that is now on the PBE. Where are those people crying out Nidalee was wearing to little? Where are the people saying that Katarina is shameless in her near nudity? We have a guy with bulging muscles, a perfect handsome face, a nice chiseled jaw. Or is this that double standard I've been hearing about now a days? The one where because it's male cheese cake on displayed no one gives a darn? Honestly I'm just finding it hilarious that we aren't having anyone up in arms over this blatant sex-infused half naked testosteroni and cheese champion? Or are we supposed to wait till it's a female champ that shows an elbow and thinks for herself? I keep forgetting when we need to be outraged. This is a serious discussion btw. Maybe in the wrong forum, if so please move it to the right one. But I'm being 100% serious.
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