I'm a feminist and think the term "first blood" should be changed

In times of war, there was/is no such thing as a record keep of who killed somebody first. This was created solely from games outside of actual killing during wartime. If you actually research the origin of the term; it signifies a young girls first menstrual cycle. This type of patriarchal behavior should not be allowed to pass, as us girl gamers honestly deal with enough passive aggressive behavior from most of the male playerbase as is. And most of the time, the violating behavior or mannerisms is unreportable because of the ambiguous context that males have crafted to basically skate the responsibility of how they make us girl gamers feel on a daily basis. Most girl gamers don't even let it be known they are female because of the ignorance, immaturity and overall superiority complex that is the male ego being used in an attempt to "put a woman in her place." ---- which often ends up being mid or support because people feel as though a woman cannot hold a carry lane like top, jungle or adc, which I am actually good at but of course once you find out I am a girl, you are quick to ask me what lane I want when in reality you are thinking "what lane are you gonna be in that I will most likely have to watch/protect." Change the term "first blood" as it has nothing to do with the actual documentation of a situation governed under wartime. Call it "first kill" Video games may still be predominately male but that doesn't give males the right to blatantly belittle or make slight of feminine things. You already oversexualize every female in the game and when one doesn't seem to tantalize the male playerbase enough, you rework her uniqueness and make her more "pleasing" or sexually appealing to the male eye.
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