Are riot trying to piss us off and make us leave the game?

If yes then you are doing a professional job. I used to play this game everyday and more than 10 games everyday and loved it with a passion. but the recent patches is going to make me play less because it is not enjoyable anymore. and if it keeps going like this im going to leave forever until Riot get its shit together. I have over 100 friends and only i see 40 of them active while the rest left the game for other one and never played again. The new reworked and released champs are obnoxious and unpleasant to play against. the time of their release they get their ban sky rocketing to 60%-85%. I am not sure which players are they trying to appeal with these champs but most dont like them and dont want them around until they are fair to play against Damage, the damage is so high and its impossible for most humans to react for a counter play. You cant say the damage is so high Riot and then release new shit overloaded with damage that wipes you with half second. let us not even start with counter play because Riot is removing counter play from the game. You get hit by Nunu ball? you get knocked up because fuck common sense and with it fuck counter play. You saw invisible Neeko suddenly releasing her ult on you? good luck reacting with 0.25 seconds or be dead. Let us get on the design team. just what the fuck is wrong with you people? The Sylas is going to be a nightmare to deal with and balance. Why every champ you make need to be overloaded with damage, dashes, and damage and damage. Sylas is going to get the same issue Zoe got. and then Riot will come say sorry guys we realize he is annoying time for nerfs and mini rework. You already talked about mini rework Zoe for her bubble and ability/item usage from her W. In boards since years people complains a lot and will always complain. but Jesus Christ Riot i have never seen people complain in this place like before. you are really forcing us to hate the game. Was this board like this last year and before and before and before? no it is much worse and people are really pissed off for your unprofessional balancing of the game. I dont even know what to say now. there are a lot of things in this game which is wrong and its slowly taking away my love from this game. You made a wonderful game Riot. But you are going to destroy it with your incompetence and irresponsible balancing and designing.
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