Why do we play league of legends? What makes the game fun to you?

You know, I've been playing league for years now and through those years I've only been frustrated or angry when ever I play the game. I always kept telling myself on WHY do I keep playing? In truth, the only reason I keep play is the characters but that doesn't really make the game fun. So I just start thining about that... is the game really fun? Sure you can do some stupid builds and all that, but Im saying is the game fun for both players? I thought about this for a bit but then my friend told me something that really hits this game on the head. "league is like a abusive relationship, Its toxic, makes you feel like shit at times, and can mess up your social life. But you always come back to it." I'm not some pansy snowflake that needs a "safe space" but you have to admit that, unless your winning, your not going to have fun anytime soon. well there are people who do have fun regardless of what happens but those are a strange bunch. The question I just really want to ask is, why do you play league? what makes the game fun for you?
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