Who the hell has it in for me on this board?

Seems like no matter what I say or when I say it, could be six minutes between or a whole year... Anything I post anywhere on this forum has an eerie convention: Everyone who agrees with me gets downvoted once, everyone who disagrees gets upvoted once. Exactly once, in the vast majority of cases. I'd like the person who's religiously stalking my threads and making these up/downvotes to announce themselves so I can proverbially shake your hand. Your dedication is the sort of thing they'd write poetry on fidelity about. **CLARIFICATION:** Since so many people seem to think I'm crying about my threads getting 400 downvotes, let me copy-paste a reply I made to a comment in this here thread in the hopes it clears up the strange convention I'm talking about. Person A makes a thread. That thread might get lots of upvotes, might got lots of downvotes. Doesn't really matter. Maybe I even made the thread myself. Persons B, C, D, E, and F make comments to the thread. Their comments have 1 upvote. In other words, no one has up or downvoted them. Shingetsu makes three comments. All of these comments have 0 upvotes. In other words, exactly one downvote (offsetting the +1 a poster automatically gives himself). Persons G, H, and I make comments agreeing with Shingetsu's post. Each of these comments has 0 upvotes. Persons J, K, L, M, and N make comments trashing Shingetsu or disagreeing with Shingetsu's post. Each of these comments has 2 upvotes, or +1 in addition to the +1 they automatically gave themselves. This happens in a large majority of discussions I involve myself in. it's weird. And no, I don't think someone is literally stalking my posts, it's called being facetious (I think, I may have the meaning wrong). I'm simply musing upon the strange nature of it.
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