Finally Played Prestige KDA Evelynn

It is so beautiful and you could definitely feel how sleek, powerful and quick she feels in it, although! Riot could you please change the dingy blue color? I don't want anything new or try to swap the color palettes to something new but could we just revert it back to gold...or change it to a more icy blue? Examples, Revert Color to its original, I love the fact that you guys wanted to make it closer to akali and have a blue like her but it just doesn't work with Prestige Evelynn, it gives it almost a very very cheap feel too it and does not feel "luxurious". So that is all, just a revert in color, As everyone knows the skin came out yesterday but me bringing it into the regular servers and not the PBE Server, I have been getting lots of comments from different players about how the blue is TOO over powering and eats the entire model up in game. I am not complaining, its not bad! but the many comments are starting to put a toll on me, and they are most definitely right, the blue has to be reverted back to a soft gold or an icy blue ( as shown in the first image ). These are just my and others personal thoughts, if you guys saw it in game while playing her you would understand why im requesting to have it reverted. Its too muddy and mismatched with the blue. In game model, Its just very hard to admire the skin when its covered in all this blue, it reminds me of shadow Evelynn...I feel like having a glittery bright gold for the claws and tails would of done her justice. Still a beautiful skin but could be better back to gold. Edit* Main issue is the claws, if anything is going to be changed, please revert the claws back to gold! Hope you all have a wonderful day! ā¤ā¤ā¤
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