What is the meaning of a rune?

With regards to the multiple posts riot have announced on the new runes I notice that it is gonna be more of a pain than anything. The meaning of rune is: ''A magical artefact that bestows upon the wielder certain unnatural strengths'' Now with the new runes that give you: dept in shop new currency for summ spells a item at 6 min I see in a mythological point of view and from the lores' point of view that this isn't gonna make sense. By default this translates the a new ryze rework because he exiled himself from society to stop the darkness of the rift to go in dept with a shop owner. This makes no sense and completely demolishes the point of the rune wars which collected lots of lores from champions to void creatures Long story shorts this is gonna ruin lores and make no sense from magic's point of view and is gonna ruin the game's original basis of being a mythological based game.
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