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So I'm trying to get some questions answered about the item set tool, namely if the cap on item sets will ever get removed and if I will ever be able to sort by champions. I've tried just making general posts, both anger fueled and constructive where I list my concerns/issues, and I can't get a response. So thinking that maybe it's just not the right Rioter seeing it (as I assume at least one Rioter has seen one of my posts/comments on this by now, given the volume and span of time) I've tried to make a list of Rioters who I think might work on the client or at least be able to tell me about it. You're my next attempt at communication on that list seeing as your title is Experience Designer, and I assume the feel of the item set tool could fall under that. Also you're a chill guy, so hopes on a response of some kind regardless. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Anyways to go more in depth, I was really happy to hear about the return of the item set (of course furious before that), and elated to find it came out so soon despite being told it would take so long. It was a bit cumbersome and annoying to use at first though because of how long it took (I assume it was optimization issues with the client, the item set tool specifically, or both). When changes came out that fixed that, to import/export, to allow moving of item sets, to allow us to see build path, etc. I was really happy, because most of that was stuff I had been asking for, even if it wasn't my biggest concern. It at least meant that it was still on Riot's mind. The annoyance with that was that it was never put in the patch notes and no one actually ever got to talk with Riot about the item set tool. I wanted that entire time, and still do, to just have a chat with a Rioter who knew their stuff so I would know the plans, so that I'm not sitting around anxious if I'm being heard, switching mood between hopeful and depressed. It's just really hard to keep making these posts when you haven't heard anything in months. I would like to be able to make unlimited/uncapped item sets again, with the old client I would make a set for each role for each champion. I had over 250 sets when we came to the new client, and I continued making them till the last day of the old client. It was fun theory crafting, and it helped prevent this feeling of dread/anxiety whenever I went into game wondering what my items should be and what order and all that OCD rechecking I would do over the entire build every time I died. It gave an ease of mind and fun thing to do league related when I didn't quite feel like playing a game. Some days I would only theory craft item sets, then the next spend the day testing each one and tuning them. With the cap at something like 125, I can't make new item sets. And until this last patch or two, adjusting item sets in bulk was still too slow for me to be willing to put forth the effort. Now I'm taking up that daunting task, and it's reminding me of exactly what I'm missing out on with not being able to make new item sets. It also still feels slow because sometimes I start up an item set for say Renekton top, then I get an idea for Renekton jungle and go search for that item set, finish it up and x-out the search. I've now lost my place in the sea of item sets I have. Instead I could have spent that same time just doing the next item set in line, it's still a big waste of time, just not nearly as much as before. I want to be able to sort by the champion assigned to the item set, that or at least have it auto-group them that way, like they used to be in the old client. Please make my week by responding (actually if it was good news like it being brought up with whoever works on the client or it being put on a timeline then it would probably have me in high spirits until a week or two after it ships or I get a response from the team). Even if it's just to pop in to say hi, it would still make my day just to know one of my posts wasn't completely ignored by Riot (although I warn you I would probably try to pester for something more). {{sticker:cass-cry}}

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