Chaosblade Christmas Giveaway!!!

**Hey there Everyone!!** Another year, another Christmas! Im Kiwi from Chaosblade Gaming, and I'm just here to bring a little Christmas giveaway for all of you. We enjoy hosting tournaments and inhouse events to watch you all duke it out, but this time we're bringing Christmas to you for you to celebrate in! Because it's our first Christmas as a Discord, we from the Admin and Moderator team are going to give away **Five Champions or Skins** to five people! There is no limit to what you can ask for, it can be anywhere from Garen to Spirit Guard Udyr. *What do you have to do?* Simple: Create a GIF of you making an awesome play and post it within our discord's channel titled **"Chaosblade Christmas Giveaway"**. Seems easy right? **CATCH TIME!** The play must have three conditions to it: **A)** It has to be ***AWESOME!*** **B)** It has to be posted before **Midday EST, 22 December** in the **Chaosblade Christmas Giveaway** channel. **C)** It has to be a play including one of the following: - A champion in an off-meta lane. *(EG: Fiora Mid)* - A champion with an off-meta build. *(EG: AP Fiora)* - A champion with an off-meta build in an off-meta lane. *(EG: AP Fiora Mid)* That's it! We have had the time of our lives this year watching our discord grow from a handful of people to the couple hundred we see today! If you guys are interested in the event, feel free to drop by our Discord and throw your stake in the competition! Oh and don't be afraid to stick around and say hello, we're generally a friendly bunch and enjoy seeing new faces around! **The link to our Discord is:** There are more rules inside and a chance to ask questions. If you post questions here, I might take a little longer to respond so if you want a quick answer just throw it in the Discord channel. If you don't know how to make a GIF, then don't panic! There are instructions inside on how to turn your highlight into a GIF. We also have a Christmas 2v2 tournament coming up on the 16th December, so if you want a shot at that then feel free to tag in while there's time left! If we see you there, then it'll be great to have you! If not, then best of luck on the Fields of Justice, Summoners! Have a Merry Christmas from us at Chaosblade Gaming! **CG Kiwi** ***Summoners Name (NA):*** *KIWL* ***Discord Username:*** *Guardian#8339*
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