When was the last time a Riot member addressed anything seriously on here?

Well?.. This is absolutely fucking ridiculous, that a game company this big, is so busy getting pats on the back on Reddit, forums that aren't even from their own frigging game. Seriously, so many threads are made every day, that sit on the front page, waiting for a Rioter to actually come and relieve us from their terrible absence, but instead go ignored. If you actually go back to the archives on the previous forums, they used to reply so much back in the day. Yeah sure, there are pointless topics as well, but its YOUR JOB to deal with these concerns. I dont even get it, why is it so hard to come on here and address 1 problem? IF... they just did that much, it would relieve a lot of pressure off people, and let us know we aren't just waiting until this game implodes. Oh wait, I know... because all it takes is 1 good skin to be made, in order for someone to go from "Fuck Riot" To "Damn Riot is awesome"
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