I think Yuumi's win rate is heavily suffering from people genuinely not knowing how to use her.

Or from team mates intentionally trolling when they see the pick. She is the most fun I've had playing League in forever and I will exercise my right to use this champion whenever I can because let's be honest, being a symbiotic parasite is kind of new for most people but I thrive off of this kind of playstyle. I'd really like to be able to pick her without getting trolled by my team before they even see what I can do with her. I've been trolled 3 games in a row and now everyone is like "Well your win rate is 2-4 in ranked so you're not good with her either." My dude my KDA is still 4.0 and used to be 7.1 and you'll notice almost all my ADCs did scarily well except for the Draven and Jhin who inted when they saw my pick.
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