Let's talk about the future of Riot Games, and Legends of Runeterra.

So as for the talk a short while back about how Riot went and did a bunch of important trademarks on an unknown project called Legends of Runterra, I truly do not care what type of game it is, as long as it isn't what some people are pointing towards like a card game, mobile game, or anything of that nature, because not only is there already a lot of hype surrounding this trademark and how broad the trademarks were, it is also a disappointment that Riot has not yet made a game outside of League itself that could blow up and become something for the record books when they clearly have unmatched potential when it comes to wrapping something in hype and with such great trailers, characters, story, design, art, and more. In the end, same with the last time we saw some trademarks on another unfinished project that never came to pass, this might be the same case, but I would hope not considering League has been getting noticeably worse as of late. Overall though I would personally be more angered, annoyed, and disappointed if it turned out to be a card game, mobile game, or etc. than if they had just never done it in the first place and left us with only League. We need a new game, meaning a huge PC game that would draw in money for Riot while still giving the fans something for all the trouble in the last few years with League, because there has no doubt been more bad than good for a few years now. I would love for it to be some form of open-world game perhaps something similar to an MMO/MMORPG, but if anyone watches Necrit over on YouTube he makes some very good points in his video about these trademarks as to why he thinks it shouldn't be an MMO, why it could be a risky or even bad idea for Riot, and more. Due to the things the trademarks cover, it won't be a TV show or movie either, although this would be equally as interesting to see from Riot as a new huge game, and with the music, trailers, lore, and etc. we all know they could pull it off better than any game they could ever hope to make, besides an open world MMO/MMORPG, which again probably will never happen. Overall I am having a bitter taste in my mouth and feelings of annoyance and disappointment not just with how League has been doing, but that we still have not yet gotten another major game from Riot to appeal for the glaring mistakes they have made and continue to make, and it makes it so much worse when I go and see the beautiful, detailed, intricate, informative, and interactive map of Runeterra while it is put to no real use and there is no game based around it. _I know this is all a super long post, and I will simply finish it with a poll anyone could go ahead and participate in whether they read the post or not._
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