My girlfriend just passed away.

Hey guys. Some of you may remember a while back I made a thread about how the girl I was seeing was ill with cancer. Well, today I'm saddened to say that she lost her battle. She was surrounded by family and loved ones, but unfortunately nobody contacted me so I never got a chance to say goodbye. I only just found out through Facebook. We had agreed to keep it a casual relationship and avoid attachments, but it still hurts pretty bad. I thank you all in advance for any words of support you may share. And like last time, some may want to meme and be insensitive. I can assure you that words on a screen won't bother me at all, and I do not require the moderators to shield me or lock the thread just in case. I mean, punish as you see fit or whatever, just know that I'll be fine. Thank you all. -NotSid
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