Why is Ahri's kit so forgiving?

If she takes damage in lane, she can heal it up. If she is in a bad position, she can fix it. If she is losing lane and feeding, she still has a strong cc to support team(recently buffed signficantly). Even then, she has passive ms to help her run away as well when she can burst people from around 700 range with E Q W combo. Why is she soo forgiving? Why when she is ahead she can burst people from more than 700 range away? For how forgiving her kit is when losing or winning, like something must go. Her range boost when she lands charm should go. (Would mean she needs to use ultimate to get in range to land w as well, so her positioning would be nerfed) Her reliable heal should be reverted to her passive. Her ms passive should go. Her last charm buff should go. That is all.
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