Misleading in-game tips regarding toxicity

I was recently permanently banned for toxicity. I'm fine with the ban, but I don't think it was justified, and a riot admin agrees with me. I'm not here to appeal for a ban or anything like that. I was "toxic" I guess you could say, but what is being "toxic". Toxicity is completely subjective, some people view toxicity as hate speech and cursing, meanwhile others see it as negative attitude in general. Therefore "toxicity" should be defined by something or someone, so I asked a riot admin. "What is toxicity defined as in league?" And I got the following response: Blaming others Name calling Calling out others on their behavior Criticizing players for their performance Constantly arguing Spamming chat Using chat excessively Telling others to shutup Taunting others All these are apparently prime examples of toxicity, and what gets you banned. But while loading into a game prior to my ban, I read one of the loading tips which stated "Competitive trash talking is fine, hate speech not so much" And this got me thinking, is competitive trash talking fine? And so, because I'm a naturally sweaty and competitive player in general. I thought that this tip was telling me that I was going to be able to trash talk and nothing would go wrong. I was so wrong. If you look at my chat logs for me being banned, I never used any hate speech, I never swore, or anything along the lines of that, therefore it definitely wasn't hate speech. And to further prove that competitive trash talking is NOT ok in league, I looked up examples of trash talking in sports and see how they compared to bannable criteria provided to me by a riot admin. Trash talk is defined by Merriam Webster as "disparaging, taunting, or boastful comments especially between opponents trying to intimidate each other" Now we know exactly how flawed that tip really is, taunting is apparently a toxic behavior, but it is an example of trash talk according Merriam Webster. The toxicity criteria and the tip can not coexist. One of them is flawed, either trash talking is NOT okay or, it is OKAY but people are being banned for the wrong reasons. I hope everyone can realize why the tip stating "Competitive Trash Talking is Fine" is extremely misleading, and led to the ban of my account and possible many others. This tip is flawed because it's just wrong, trash talking is NOT okay and make sure to never fall for this trap of a tip. Listening to this tip will get you banned, especially if you are prone to being overly competitive like me. Hearing this tip I thought it was all good to talk some trash, unfortunately I was wrong. Please don't bash on me for writing about this, I'm not requesting a ban appeal as nice as it would be. I'm simply asking that this tip get changed or deleted therefore other players don't meet the same demise as me. Also, I submitted a ticket about this topic and I spoke to a Rioter about it. I didn't initially plan on writing it here but he directed me to because he is also a player and he agrees with what I'm saying. Big thanks to the Rioter I spoke with, he/she deserves a huge raise <3
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