League of Legends and Riot games 10 years! (expect big things!)

Riot Games released League of Legends October 27, 2009. Its almost 10years. I have played this game somewhere seaons 2, prior to that I had been playing Dota. Think I had 1 or 2 ranked games season 2 but it was first season 3 where I started to play a little ranked and got silver. In season 7 I had reached mid/high gold and was permanetly banned. On that account almost all champions were unlocked and I had probably 15 skins(?) <- This was before you got skins for free. I also had bought 5 xp boost or so. Guess that was Riots gift for me... but now its their 10th birthday and I will give them a big present! This thread is about speculating what I will give them, the only hint I will give you is that this is big, really big. {{champion:43}}
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