Since I get a lot of flame for it, what are your thoughts on Lane Kayn?

I cannot jungle at all, I'm just absolute garbage at it, but I really like Kayn who is pretty much relegated to the JG. So i ask is Kayn Mid/Top (Mid most likely Shadow Assassin and Top Rhaast) really that bad of a choice? I mean the way I play it is max W first instead of Q and just poke my way to passive and his early kill potential isn't even bad. Plus once you get your passive done, it's literally like having a Kayn on your team just he doesn't have smite. I only ask this since I can go like 4/2/2 on Kayn in mid and bot lane lost so hard they're at our inhib like 13 minutes in and all i hear is "Why Kayn mid?" as the reasoning behind our loss. Now don't get me wrong I only do it in normals but is it really THAT bad of a pick? ~~Also if you REALLY want to flame me I also go Eve mid too but that's a whole different story~~ I should give a rundown of what I normally do too. My common pick is Assassin Kayn Mid Either Electrocute or DH Start Longsword Pots or Corr. Potion Ghostblade and Mobis early on for roaming (if I'm really far ahead before transforming i sometimes go Duskblade first but its usually Ghostblade) and then normal Kayn stuff throughout (Duskblade, DDance, etc.) I just really enjoy the pick into squishy comps but I just get this looming fear that maybe one day I might get banned or punished for it since I don't really "play the meta" all too often. The only reason I really play stuff like that is because I go by the saying, "If you can make it work, and it's fun to you, there is nothing wrong with it." which is how I always approach it. I know it's a competitive game, even in normals and blind, but is it really so bad for me to pick someone that I really enjoy playing even though it's in a position that they aren't normally seen in? ~~Sorry for the long rant there....~~ {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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