I will only stop playing League when Riot announces that they're shutting down the servers

There might be a lot of crazy shit going on in the game and people might say that it's dying BUT GODDAMN I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME! It's been 6 fuking years with LoL and I hope many more come. Only Pokémon is capable of rivaling my love for LoL. I don't care about Fortnite, OW, HotS or any other game that people claim to be the next "LoL killer". None of offers what League has. They are hyped/trendy games that people stop playing as soon as their favourite youtubers move on to their next cash grab game. Just because there's a lot of critics in the Boards or in Reddit doesn't mean people don't like the game anymore. They're criticizing because they love this game and want it to be even better ! I'm writing this because Riot needs to know that we like them and that there's more in Boards than just complaints. Thank you Riot for your game. I love you, even with all your flaws. TL;DR: LoL is cool. LoL is nice. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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