We told you it would happen, and it did!

To all of those who were glad with Twisted Treeline (3v3) being removed, thank you for allowing all of the bots to migrate to ARAM. I am really happy when I get 2 bots on my team while the enemy team only has 1 bot. It makes it very enjoyable when 2 accounts on your team walk into the enemies all game and give them free gold. It isn't that uncommon of knowledge to long timers that Twisted Treeline Blind Pick has been full of bots leveling up to A. get to level 30 to sell off the account on some sketchy website or B. play consistently until the account gets banned so they can figure out how to improve the bots to evade future bans. I am not saying Howling Abyss (ARAM) did not have bots before the removal of Twisted Treeline (3v3), but it certainly increased a lot by the removal. Almost every ARAM game I play, both on this account I am typing with and my second account that I have been leveling up to 30 very slowly since 2015, has included at least a single bot if not more. How to spot these bots: -(EDIT: I have come across bots that are starting to use a more complex AI. They share all of the same traits as the previous bots except they are now getting better. Also I have come across bots that pings but doesn't talk. They will randomly spam ping the same thing once or twice a game but it is clear that they are bots since they share the same traits as before) - They usually have a name that consists of random letters that don't make words, or they will have what may look like a word followed by random letters. - Their movement patterns consist of walking towards enemies, even under turrets, and standing still. -They never use chat or pings Please fix this Riot Games, thanks. 11/21/19 EDIT: After getting into a match with 3 bots on the enemy team and a bot on my team (4 bots in single game), it has become clear to me that I need to start logging the names of bots somewhere since in game reports only do so much. I will begin to add more information to this thread soon. I am using this thread for the information since it is already blown up. Bot Names - a pattern with some is that they have the same character length (7 characters) and they will be on the same team (premades?). List: lwfhgbg zjutlfx zjutxgj
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