For Those of You Claiming Diamond is "High-Elo", Look at This. Ghost/Smite jungle Gangplank {{champion:41}} Top Lane Nocturne {{champion:56}} Support Ezreal {{champion:81}} ADC Ryze {{champion:13}} Mid Lane Zed {{champion:238}} Completely countered by their team, and the troll player does better than everyone else in the game. Of course, he went smite and ghost because my bot lane duo with Ezreal support and Ryze ADC were in the same Champion Select as him in the last game, and apparently banned his main, so when he saw them again he decided to troll. Just wanted to say, those of you who say their Silver games are bad, and look up to Diamond for hope, should look elsewhere. The quality of the games in the "top %" of players are just as bad.
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