DON'T LET PEOPLE ACCEPT THIS ROBBERY! ( Sorry for my bad English ) The Pajama Guardian """""""""""""""""skins""""""""""""" are robbery! They are exactly the same skins as the existing SG skins with minor changes! And they will cost 1350 RP! And if someone already owns the skins, they have to pay 975 RP. I can't believe this! 975RP skins became 1350RP skins. Icons are only purchasable through bundles. Some chromas are available only through streamers. Ahri got 2 popstar themed skins. AND NOW?! Exactly the same star guardian skins with minor changes. And if the community doesn't speak against it it will become normal just like the bundle icons and Ahri will get her 3rd popstar skin next year. If the SG is popular then make more of them but don't treat the community like idiots! If these pajama skins would cost 750 I would say okay. But this is getting out of hand... UPDATE!!!!!! They will change the discount prices
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