This game doo doo man. You cant even do some light trolling or flaming without getting banned.

Game 1 was kinda toxic and game 2 was pure trolling. I don't think either warrant bans though. I should not be punished for what I say in a video game. Quite stupid in my opinion. Game 1 In-Game Ovasmop: yall a bunch of n words Ovasmop: its okay nasus Ovasmop: u can be cured Ovasmop: guys cmon Ovasmop: kills were free and we are getting ignored Ovasmop: just go next Ovasmop: no teamwork Ovasmop: ? Ovasmop: just ff Ovasmop: all my fault Ovasmop: you right Ovasmop: dumbass Ovasmop: 0/4 mid? Ovasmop: 1-5 Ovasmop: people like you lb make this game no fun Ovasmop: suck ass and then blame team Ovasmop: le blanc i just really want you to own your own mistakes Ovasmop: sure i dont play perfect but you sure as hell dont Ovasmop: take the time to see that no amount of feeding makes you go 1-8 with 63 cs Ovasmop: thats on you my friend Ovasmop: okay continue to blame me Ovasmop: youll never get better and always stay a burdon on ur teram Ovasmop: 1-9 Ovasmop: 1-10 Ovasmop: just remember what a told you Post-Game Ovasmop: 2-10 Ovasmop: agreed Game 2 In-Game Ovasmop: np Ovasmop: im strong Ovasmop: ill 1v9 Ovasmop: yeah Ovasmop: for you guys Ovasmop: not me Ovasmop: i never make mistakes Ovasmop: NOOB Ovasmop: and 6 Ovasmop: 1/7/6 (thats me roasting my own kd) Ovasmop: ur assusts dont count Ovasmop: baited ult and stopped back Ovasmop: ur low elo mind wouldnt comprehend Ovasmop: mine is diamond master 1st class Ovasmop: report ez for gayfer disease Ovasmop: report zed for same said disease Ovasmop: HAHA U DIED Ovasmop: ples report this ez tho Ovasmop: he called me the n word Ovasmop: ez its no use Ovasmop: enjoy ur ban Ovasmop: guys wtf Ovasmop: i thouhgt this was pve Post-Game Ovasmop: hate speech and verbal abuse pls Ovasmop: x9 Ovasmop: ezreal Ovasmop: said the n word Ovasmop: my problem is that I dont tolerate racism
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