Your Balance Sucks,Riot

Your balance is a bullshit,Riot. I don't know why you nurf Riven, she is not a powerful champion, her win rate becomes high because we made hard practice okay? We played Riven for thousands of games, but it is still hard to beat a Darius with only several hundreds games or even less.Why it is acceptable for any other champion that players with thousands of games win the contest but not Riven??We payed, we practiced, we should be rewarded, but we should not be responsible for other players' weakness. Riven is never a powerful champion on top since S6, if you cannot beat a Riven with the same segment, then your ability really sucks. I don't know why you buff Darius either, he is almost the strongest champion during the alignment ,he has the strongest passive in this game, which supports him still can battle with others even sometimes under a level gap of 2, this is only possible for Darius and ILLaoi, but never had I seen either of them are nurfed. Moreover, you buffed Darius before S8 World Championship when he is strong enough, this champion is only used once during the contest, but it flooding in the rank, and it is hard to beat.So thanks for your balance, it brought us really good games, during which my whole team are all tired of beating Darius. This is your balance, a bullshit, Riot!!
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