My first few days in this game..

So, I'll just leave this here. I've been playing for a few days now, and maybe I've played about 20 games, i have no idea really. But all in all this game is pretty f*cked. I've won maybe about 2 games, and most I've lost because right from the get go, or after 5 minutres somebody decide to leave so you are 1 or even 2 man behind. This game isn't any fun with bullshit like that. And the loading times.. my god.. I can go make dinner in the time it takes some people to load in. Now given I have a new computer but some people take about 40 times as long to load in. That together with people ruining the game by leaving after 5 minutes isn't worth the effort at all. It just gets on my nerves in a bad way. This isn't a game to just play for casual gamers, if you aren't in a group of people you know, this is deffo not the game.
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