I Have to stop playing this game.

So, it all strated at the end of season 4 when I found League.. Since then i played constantly, without major breaks. At the beginning, everything was so nice, I had fun playing it and was my mainly game ( I was playing as well cs go and wow).. After a long time of playing, I started to get tilted often.The community made me a toxic person. I am so angry when I lose and I don't feel any excitement when I win.. Last season i ended up being gold. This season i finally managed to get plat, but let me tell you how: I lost 4 promos in 4 days!!! I am not lying, literally I just lost a promo every day,Monday, Tuesday.. Until promo, every game seemed so easy and I had no problems in reaching a new promo.But after i get in the promo games, riot suddenly place me with trollers/afks. I remember that I entered in the first promo Sunday night and I said : "great, tommorow I'll probably enter plat and i can spend my whole week (holiday week) doing something else... And guess what, I had to play like an animal losing promo over promo and I managed to reach plat only the next Sunday, in the 5th promotion.. After that I realized that is nothing else I can do on solo queue because I barely reached plat so yeah... I started to play flex, I was like g4 from the placements and in 2 weeks I think I got to g1....You won't believe it, but guess what:SAME THING! Last night I lost my third promo for plat.. I had 2w-0l and unbelievable i ended up 2w-3l..After losing the promo I started to ask myself if this problem is not about my mental health related to the promo games.. I thought that maybe when I reach a promo my brain automatically thinks about losing it and affects my play style... But I don't really think so because in promos I try to play even better than usually, and not to make stupid mistakes.I downloaded the games to see if i did something wrong and I didn't notice anything at all... And it's not only about this series of losing streaks.. Like I said, lately I've become very frustrated and I do things that I never did before, like hitting the desk, the keyboard, sometimes even hitting myself...But it's not actually an addition,I have to admit that I play like 2-3 games after i get home, but It doesn't affect my life, my school grades or friendships.. In weekends I play a bit in the morning and then I go out with my friends, so my life isn't just about league.. But I still want to stop playing it because I don't find it neither relaxing or funny anymore.. The problem is that league was the only game that I was still playing and now I don't know what to do with my free time.. Like i said, I have other hobbies as well, like going out with friends,playing football, watch movies, but that's happening in my free days..During the week, after I come from high school and there are 2,3 hours until i go to sleep, I can't do any of the things mentioned before so since now, league was the option. I'd love to find a new game to play but i think I won't be able.. League literally just ruined my taste for games and everything I try seems boring and I can't play it for more than a day.. I don't really know what to do.. Maybe do you have a miraculous game that will save me :D.. or other ideas.. Sorry for my long message and thank you for reading this! P. S: Excuse me as well for the grammatical mistakes xD
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