How is ChickenWrap even still a MOD/Specialize?

I mean this dude even talk about "Killing yourself" and also make all the MOD look bad, which majority of them are bad let's not joke on that But for real, this guy been trashing the board. ------------- Like yeah sure he didn't say anyone to "Kill themselves" directly but let's be honest, the topic itself is literally offensively sensible to alot of low minded people or those who just hate it in general. Because there are things you can and can't even mention whether it's directly or not. If the topic is not something you should talk about or even talk about. You get a warning for it Or rather this is what Rioters would tell "There's other site and place for that kinda thing so take it there" -------------- Like if it was you or me, you know we get ban or some shit from RiotGames
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