Riot Games to pay $10M to female employees in lawsuit settlement

Riot Games to pay $10M to female employees in lawsuit settlement
League of Legends developer Riot Games will pay "at least $10 million" to women who've worked at Riot Games in the past five years, the Los Angeles Times reported today. The payout is part of a gender discrimination lawsuit filed in November 2018 following a Kotaku investigation into sexist culture at the company.
Coming as a surprise to nobody... For all their "Friendly neighborhood gamer-bro" aesthetic, the company culture has pretty consistently proven itself to be a toxic mess with cutthroat business practices. The cult-like environment of "We're just a bunch of friends that love playing and working on League of Legends at all times, look how happy we are" probably didn't help maintain a healthy professional environment with good boundaries, either. Anyway, this should keep them out of the news for another 3-6 months until the next scandal breaks. I have to say, I stopped playing mostly because I just didn't enjoy the game anymore, but this sort of shit sure didn't help.
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