Why am I not allowed to play URF whenever I want?

I install the game as soon as URF goes live and uninstall immediatelly when it goes offline. My friends do exactly the same. Why aren't we allowed to play URF whenever we want to? We are tired of tryharding, we did this for more than 15 years in various games. We have grown old. We do not intend to become pro gaymers. We even have real jobs, and thus, time has become rare. We don't even watch streams (!). Its enough. So please, stop forcing your stupid strict and tight meta-corset on the whole player base. Everyone of us played Dota from the very first day. The same accounts for league of legends. When we play URF, we laugh ourselfs silly. Why don't you let us have fun more than once a year (if we're lucky enough to have time at this very moment).
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