I am looking for Rioters to participate in an Interview about Mordekaiser and the rework

I have mained Morde for nearly 10 years. Over 4 million mastery. I have hated the Morde rework since the trailer was released over 8 months ago. I gave new Morde over 500 games and still hate him. He's boring. He's 1 dimensional. Most importantly he is missing everything that made old Morde fun to play. I am not alone in feeling this way. Although our subreddit and discord exploded in membership, over 90% of the OG Morde mains and OTP's have not only quit Morde, some have even quit League. My community, the one I supported for a 3rd of my life is in shambles, full of flavor of the month players who know nothing about old Morde aside from OP drg pet and unplayable bugs that love praising the rework we all hate. I have literally been Space Jammed by Riot Games in that the 1 thing I loved about LoL is now gone. So on Feb 24, 2020 I make my final attempt to get the LoL community on my side. I do not hate the Rioters who made this rework. I just **don't understand the logic of inviting 2 people who spent less than 8 yrs combined** playing Morde from across the Earth paying for their flights even, when I was 2 hours away driving distance offering to come by on my own time more than a year in advance.** I don't understand the logic in releasing Mordekaiser in 2010**, reworking him in 2015 and keeping him around for 9+ yrs without a single video explaining how his kit worked. **I don't understand a community that treated Mordekaiser like an unloved step child** for years and years, never once getting the know the champ or how he worked, and then having the gall to say that the new reworked Morde is stronger and better. I do not understand this logic. But I want to. I want to show the LoL community why old morde was better and deserves another chance. In failing that I at least want closure. I am releasing a self written diss track along with 3 other high quality videos on Feb 24. One of these is a series of interviews. I am interviewing the highest ranked Mordekaiser mains and OTP's in the world. I am interviewing both Malicious Metal and Manute. I am interviewing the leaders of our communities. I would like to invterview Rioters who were a part of the rework as well. Thankyou for your time, TKoEH **EDIT: To anyone telling me to post to reddit; I truly wish I could:** I was originally banned 3+ years ago. I had a lot of what felt like justifiable reasons for my behavior at the time, but upon years of reflection I came to realize I was breaking rules and being a real asshole to the moderation team. Nearly a year ago, after waiting 2+, I finally successfully repealed the ban. The mods gave me a 2nd chance. I cannot describe to you guys the weight off my shoulders this was. It truly felt like I could breath again, that I finally had my voice back. Over the next 4 months I tried to make the most of my hiatus and participated in as many threads as I could find. I submitted selfless content too. I started a Fusion series and in the first few "episodes" I didn't benefit at all. No YT views, no Twitter follows. Just a PNG file uploaded directly to the reddit post. After a period of time I started recording my art as I drew these fusions and made funny little art videos out of it. I submitted these with the png files and every single submission was a hit. The community loved my content so much it was hitting the front page and getting 100+ comments per post. I felt like a part of the community again. Then I submitted my last fusion thread and after half an hour, with it at 30+ upvotes and already on rising I went into a LoL game. In all chat I asked players if anyone followed the fusion threads on subreddit. One player remarked that they “loved those threads, that he found the OP to be hilarious” I was really happy to hear that. After all I make content for this exact reason. I told him that I was the OP. He didn’t believe me and so I told him after game to scan the hot page or rising after game. I didn’t give him a link or even tell him the title. I certainly didn’t ask for them to upvote it. Well after game he finds it, comments, "This guy told me to he made this and I didn't believe him, he told me to go check and I was really surprised, gg OP!" This comment made me look guilty and given my history with the mods prior to my original ban I didn't want to give them any reason to doubt me. I responded to this user quickly to clear the air and despite my best attempts, the post was removed because "user engaged in voter manipulation" Despite the community rising up to defend me and the mods later giving me permission to repost said thread, I had an unfair mark against my account. Several other instances of grey area rule infraction and misunderstandings occurred. All to my unknowing discredit. I didn’t realize I was being judged so harshly behind the scenes. These were all MINOR infractions and easily could have been disregarded as completely accidents. Then Mordekaiser's 2nd rework was announced. I was completely blindsided by it. I hated it. Loathed it. Wanted nothing more than to make my voice heard above all the shadow realm memes to let everyone know that Mordekaiser was so much stronger and more importantly FUN than what we were about to get. There was so much misinformation spreading around too. I was trying to educate people before it was too late. In my zeal I uploaded a video complaining about Mord's mace looking like a Thresh lantern. The moment I uploaded it I realized I had a typo in the title. I deleted it and resubmitted it. Then someone commented a false claim and the post was being downvoted. Within 10 min it was dead. I realized that people saw the post with the wrong perception so I fixed it once more to include information that would prevent such misunderstandings. Within the hour I was permanently banned again. Funnily enough resubmitting your own posts isn’t against the rules, only spamming the subreddit beyond the original 9:1 ratio; which despite what any mod says; I in fact respected. I was religious about that. I made it a point to go above the required number of comments because I was SO GRATEFUL to be unbanned. I didn't want it to be like this. I'm being as sincere as typed words can portray when I tell you all, I only wanted to be friends with the mods, to follow the rules and if and when I broke a rule, I was more than ready for friendly correction. I would have bowed and scraped before any of them if such were brought to my attention. I didn't want to lose my voice again. Especially with the Morde rework in full gear. I mained this Champion since Feb 24, 2010. Nearly a decade of my life. More than a 3rd of it. Nothing in this game means more to me than the fun I had while playing the real Mordekaiser. I firmly believe. not out of ego, but out of confidence, that new Morde is trash. But no one else is willing to champion this cause. I have so much to say and so much content to unleash. I'm even willing to upload them onto a throw away YT channel if it means my voice will be heard. But I don't want to break rules. I don't want to burn bridges. I even join the r/LoL Extralife team to show how much I wanted unity. I raised only $100 in the first year, and only $500 the 2nd year, but I worked HARD. I had lots of left over prizes from the 24 hour stream so I even messaged the mods offering to sponsor prizes for their 24 hour stream. ANONYMOUSLY. No credit to me. Just don't let this gear be wasted. No response. I have tried and tried and tried. I have humbled myself and made public apologies and even when no one else is watching in PM's and DMs if someone talks to me about this ban I own my mistakes. I hate the mods for their treatment of me, but only to that extent. I'm slow to anger and fast to forgive. I am making this all public because I don't know what else to do. On Feb 24, 2020, with or without the help of the mods, I am going to make the biggest stink I can about this Mordekaiser rework. I have the biggest names in Mordekaiser coming to my aid and I even took up rapping and have a friend to help me shoot a music video. If the mods refuse to unban me, this content will likely fall on deaf ears and everything I worked for will be wasted. Please help me reach through their icy cold stares and find something friendly. -TheKingofElohell
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